Kristin Holte:

  • forfatter og tekstilhåndverker
  • tekstile utrykk i strikk og broderi
  • kurs og foredrag

Kristin Holte Knitting Design was established in 2000 and has held various assignments within textile, knitted clothing, interior and knitted jewelry, both hand and machine knitting. I have a craft certificate in knitting, Vocational Teacher Education in Arts, Crafts and Design and a Master degree in Traditional Art.

When I start to knit professionally, I mixed a lot of different yarn qualities in my work, or combined the knitting with other textile techniques, always challenge the material to get my own expressions in the work. The last  years I have been focused on hand knitting and Norwegian and Nordic knitting traditions.

The result of this work has been 4 hand knitting books with models and patterns for sweaters, cardigans and mittens.

Now I am back to where I started, and try to combine the drawing of new ornaments based on the traditional folk art and the play with colors and different materials in my work.